Welcome to Rib & Chicken, a Korean Barbeque and Fried Chicken restaurant brand. Rib & Chicken have been proudly serving affordable, approachable, and scrumptious Korean fair since its first establishment in Langley, BC in 2017.

Our mission is simple. “Serving delicious food with an irresistible service and smile.”

Bring your family and friends for some crispy Korean Fried Chicken tossed in our in-house sauces and glazes, then some juicy Ribs and other barbeque items straight off the grill. Order take-out from our variety of Rice bowls and hot pots as well. Rib and Chicken is passionate to become the best Korean Barbeque and Fried Chicken restaurant brand but still serve our customers like its our first.


We offer traditional Korean grilled meats, fried Chicken, stews, and rice bowls in a relaxed setting.

What our customers say

  • A really unique Korean experience from the quirky K pop music and posters. I've been a dozen times at least and it's been fabulous every time - never had the same dish twice. Every meal comes with complimentary Korean side dishes and egg (miso) soup. All staff has always been friendly and attentive.
    Nick K
  • Keep coming back. This place is simply GLORIOUS. HANDS DOWN BEST CHICKEN IN YVR. I drive all the way from New West for this place. Staff are fantastic, food is incredible, and my god that chicken....I might drive out there right now. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
    Nicholas P.
  • I absolutely love this place! Food is always amazing, and the staff is friendly and awesome! I'd put a picture up of my food but I always eat it before I get the chance. Definitely check this place out
    Mark Jordan Ramirez
  • Korean fried chicken is the superior chicken but none do it as well as it is in Korea. I have tried all the ones people call good here and they are all ok, definitely better than the North American counterparts. I will always try the original as a tester to see how good their chicken is. Rib and Chicken definitely is the top for the way they fry it. Very crispy and the chicken is very juicy. It is lacking a little in flavor in the batter. All the pieces of chicken were the same part of the chicken - thigh? I wish it had different parts so there is different textures.
    Kate Choi